The Top Ten Best Wireless Speakers 2017 is Bringing to The Table

Speakers have been extremely popular ever since they were first brought into the market; these devices make use of magnets powered by electricity that cause vibrations which result in sound. They’re great for amplifying sound and have only become better as time passed. Now you can get speakers that need no wires to connect them at all; they make use of technologies such as Bluetooth to get signals from devices. This list is going to tell you all you need to know about the best wireless speakers 2017 is bringing to the table, if you’re looking to buy one then you’re probably going to find one that suits you here.

#1 Creative iRoar

The Creative iRoar is one of the most feature-rich wireless speakers on this list, its manufacturers have been able to produce a powerful sound device that is very portable considering what it has to offer. This wireless speaker weighs around 2.5 pounds and has a simplistic yet elegant look to it, with its black body and copper highlights you can say that it has a premium look to it. Looks aside, this Bluetooth wireless speaker is really something; it provides you with a very solid sound output despite its size and even has an app for iOS and Android that allows you to customize its sound presets greatly.

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Creative aims to refine its customers’ audio experience by providing them with a flexible, powerful and smart speaker, the iRoar can work via Bluetooth, a 3.5 mm jack and even through USB; the speaker also has the option to insert an SD card from which it can play stored music. A back-lit LED panel allows you to control the speaker, giving you the option to change the volume, tracks, and menu without making the device bulkier by adding hardware buttons. You can even record audio on this speaker through a built-in mic; the recorded audio gets stored on an SD card.

The Creative iRoar is definitely a premium wireless speaker which is loaded with all kinds of useful features, justifying the device’s Check on Amazon price tag. If you’re an audio enthusiast or simply a techno geek, then this is the best wireless speaker for you.

Best Wireless Speakers 2017 List

#2 Amazon Echo

Amazon is primarily an online store where you can purchase almost anything, but every now and then the company goes out of its way and launches a product of its own. The Amazon Echo is a pretty innovative wireless speaker that aims to be more than just an audio device, after reviewing this wireless speaker, the term “home companion” comes to mind. It has a pretty sophisticated look to it, the Amazon Echo is a simple matte black cylinder that is 9.25 inches high and 3.27 inches round, its lower part is covered in perforations while the upper part has a light ring and volume controls. Priced at Out of stock, it isn’t the best speaker available in the market but has certain features that make it worth considering.

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The Echo has a decent speaker which can distort when the volume gets too loud, but it’s very enjoyable to use because this device has a built-in voice assistant. Amazon’s Alexa is a lot more organic and natural than Apple’s Siri, making it a lot more fun to talk to; it has excellent voice recognition which is continuously improving thanks to Amazon’s constant software support and a steady stream of updates that keeps the Amazon Echo up to date with most devices. It doesn’t have a battery so you can’t carry this speaker around with you, but it’s a great option to place somewhere in your home and connect to your other devices, a solid buy that you won’t get bored of for quite some time.

#3 Bose SoundLink Mini II

When it comes to speakers, Bose is one of the biggest and best names in the industry; this company has always been at the top of the speaker market by providing high-quality speakers that have amazing sound quality. They’re also the only ones around who can provide you with excellent bass in a portable speaker. The Bose SoundLink Mini II is a portable yet very powerful wireless speaker device, providing you with a level of sound quality that is hard to find in portable speakers.

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The SoundLink Mini II has a pretty solid aluminum body that gives the device a pretty robust feel; it’s small enough to fit in your hands comfortably but unfortunately, isn’t pocket sized. You could carry it around in your bag, place it on your car’s dashboard or use it as a handy and reliable home use speaker. Similar to its previous version, the SoundLink Mini II has rubber domed buttons on the top of its body that allow you to control the device; you also get a pretty neat looking charging port on which you can place your speaker. The device also has the option to be charged via USB cable and has a jack for an auxiliary cable.

The SoundLink Mini II is the new and improved version of its older brother and improves upon many hardware issues that made its previous version unimpressive; you even get a feature that reads out the device’s battery level and the names of any devices connected to it every time you turn on your speaker. In terms of sound quality, this wireless speaker is definitely top notch at Out of stock.

#4 Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless

If you’re looking for a high-end wireless speaker for your home that combines power and superb sound quality, then the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless is made for you. This uniquely shaped wireless speaker does justice to its name since it does look like an air balloon, having one sitting in your lounge will definitely increase the aesthetics of your home and also act as a conversation starter with most guests. This speaker is loaded with all kinds of technologies that make it excellent at making loud sounds; the device has five drivers and many many chips inside of it that control the sound system and guarantee crisp and precise audio.

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The Zeppelin Wireless not only supports AirPlay but also gives you the option for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Spotify Connect, making sure that almost any device in your home will be able to establish a connection with this speaker. Bowers & Wilkins also provide a handy app that helps you setup your wireless speaker and easily connect to it via Wi-Fi, making sure to keep your wireless experience as smooth and trouble free as possible. In terms of portability, the Zeppelin has none; it’s a pretty large speaker that has no battery, requiring constant power through an electric socket.

The other problem with the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless is its price; this speaker costs you a whopping Out of stock! It’s a premium device that can’t be afforded by everyone, but if you’re ever in need for a Hi-Fi sound system for your home, then this wireless speaker just might be for you.

#5 EcoXGear EcoCarbon

Are you looking for a rugged wireless speaker that makes for a perfect summer companion and also provides you with the ability to charge your phone? If yes, then the EcoXGear EcoCarbon is your best bet, this tank of a speaker provides plenty of nifty features at an excellent price. Perhaps the only speaker in the market right now that is completely waterproof. The EcoCarbon is completely air tight, making it a great option for pool parties or just for taking with you if you plan on going out in the wilds, and you won’t even have to worry about it drowning in your pool since this robust wireless speaker floats! It also has a LED flashlight in it and can charge mobile devices.

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The EcoXGear EcoCarbon has a pretty solid look to it, weighing in at 1.9 pounds, this portable speaker has rubber grips on both sides, metal grilles on the back and front and a handy side grip that makes holding the speaker easier. All of its controls are situated at the top side; the buttons can be hard to press since the waterproofing makes them hard. The device has a pretty good speaker considering its affordable price tag of $80.99, but it doesn’t have the best bass in the world.

It uses Bluetooth to connect with your devices and has a mini USB port in it for charging and connecting to your devices. Overall, it’s a great device that provides solid performance and has a build quality that should appeal to any outdoorsy person.

#6 JBL Charge 3

Another waterproof entry on our list, the JBL Charge 3 is a pretty solid portable speaker that has amazing sound quality considering its size and is packed with plenty of other speakers that make it a pretty great buy at $119.90. JBL is known for putting some pretty good wireless speakers in the market, and they’ve exceeded expectations with the Charge 3, this speaker has been designed to provide solid sound quality and durability that makes it a pretty good outdoor speaker choice. Its robust, cylindrical outer shell makes the device a little bulkier than most portable speakers, but its size gets balanced out by the two powerful 10-watt drivers inside this audio device that allow it to provide amazing bass and crisp sounds at really high volumes.

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The JBL Charger 3 weighs in at 1.8 pounds; it has a rubber mount on the bottom that helps keep its cylindrical body in place, and a snapback keeps all of its ports safe from water when they aren’t needed. All of its buttons are located on the top, giving you access to all the necessary controls, perhaps the biggest problem with this wireless speaker is that it can’t backward navigate tracks, but it does have a microphone that allows you to use the speaker as a speakerphone.

You can get one in blue, red, black, gray or teal color; it’s a great wireless speaker that provides you with amazing sound quality, and while it isn’t completely air tight, it does provide you with a satisfactory level of waterproofing.

#7 Libratone Zipp

The Libratone Zipp is a speaker that provides powerful audio and an elegant design. This 3.3-pound audio device is about 10.3 inches high; its white cylindrical body gets covered by a cloth cover that comes in a variety of colors. Once you unzip its cover, you find a simplistic body that contains a four-inch woofer, two 1 inch tweeters, and two 4 inch low-frequency radiators, all of which combine their powers and provide you with 360 degrees of top notch sound. The Zipp is very loud, loud enough that it needs a rubberized bottom panel to hold it in place and minimize vibrations when the speaker is working, you also have the option to hang it anywhere using a thick leather strap that is built into the device.

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Along with its superior sound quality, the Libratone Zipp has some other features that make it a pretty good wireless audio device. The speaker connects with devices either through Bluetooth or AirPlay for which you need a free app available on iOS; on the top of the speaker, you’ll find a backlit control panel which lets you control the volume via touch, further accentuating the device’s premium feel. A stylish power cord can be used to charge this speaker; you also have the option of wired input via a 3.5 mm jack near the bottom.

The Libratone Zipp is a higher end device than most, costing a hefty $244.84; this device provides you with looks and power that justify its price tag.

#8 Sonos Play:1

Many sources will tell you hands down that if you want an entirely wireless speaker system for your entire home, then Sonos is the company for you. These guys excel at making excellent wireless speakers that give off an air of premium-ness and have excellent sound quality. The Sonos Play:1 is one of the smaller wireless speakers in the company’s lineup; it uses Wi-Fi to connect with your devices and provides some pretty solid audio considering its size. However, small doesn’t mean portable, the Sonos Play:1 isn’t made to be portable; it needs constant connection with your Wi-Fi to work and has no battery.

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Looks wise it’s a beautiful device, with a metal body that has a grille all around it, its buttons are placed at the top while the power cable is placed somewhere near the bottom. The device has no aux cable support but is perfect for placing somewhere in your home and connect your devices with whenever you want some high-quality audio. The Play:1 has a very useful app that lets you customize your sound presets and even choose between rooms if you have multiple speakers plugged in your home.

Priced in at $137.89, this wireless speaker is a great option for anyone who feels like testing with a wireless home speaker system, you get a premium device with great sound quality, achieving deep bass and ultra-crisp high sounds at max volume. This device is definitely worth buying if you’re looking for something affordable yet powerful.

#9 Sonos Play:5

If you have more money to spend and looking for a more powerful wireless speaker system setup for your home then you can go for the Play:1’s bigger brother. The Sonos Play:5 is a heavy duty speaker that is made to provide power and future-proofing while at the same time, increasing the overall aesthetics of your home. By now you should know that Sonos doesn’t do portable, the company focuses on providing customers with options to equip their homes with high-end sound systems that are easy to setup and easy to use.

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The Sonos Play:5 is a big speaker, weighing in at 14 pounds, this wireless audio device has a sleek front with a black speaker grille, you have the option to either go for one that has white or black side panels. The top is where you find its minimalistic control buttons that let you change the volume and play and pause the speaker. Just like its little brother, the Play:5 has no Bluetooth, it needs constant connection with your Wi-Fi system to work, this model even gives you the option to plug into your network via Ethernet cable directly.

The best thing about the entire Sonos line-up is that these devices are designed to be part of an extensive wireless home speaker system, you can slowly expand on your home audio system by buying more Sonos speakers, or even a second Sonos Play:5 which you can pair with your older Play:5. This speaker is a great choice if you want a fully integrated sound system, but you need to have a big budget in order to accommodate its beefy $499.00 price tag.

#10 Vifa Oslo

Have you ever felt like owning a fashion accessory that also acts as a wireless speaker? The Vifa Oslo is a wireless speaker that can’t be described in any other way. If you visit the manufacturer’s official website, you might wonder whether you’re shopping for a wireless speaker device or some extremely refined designer wear. The Vifa Oslo looks a lot like a handbag; its simple design features a woolen front and minimalistic side panels, and you also find a handle on the top that makes carrying this 2.4kg wireless speaker easier. The Oslo does have a pretty unique look to it that might not appeal to everyone, but this device packs a pretty powerful punch and is worth giving a look.

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The Oslo has a very powerful Bluetooth connection, allowing you to connect with most of your mobile devices easily. Once you start playing something on this device your ears will be pampered with incredible bass, powerful and precise sounds, the device also has a pretty durable build, with a simple interface that gives you access to all the necessary controls. You also have the option to connect to the device via a 3.5 mm jack. The Vifa Oslo comes in a variety of colors and will make heads turn whenever you take it somewhere with you.

However, this wireless speaker’s unique aesthetics and quality sound don’t come cheap, the Vifa Oslo has a premium price tag of $549.00. If designer aesthetics aren’t your thing, then you can go for something a lot more powerful within this price range, but that doesn’t mean that the Oslo is not worth the buy.

Buyers Guide

Wireless speakers have taken people by storm, before they were introduced you had to go through a lot of trouble to get your speaker working and power cords and auxiliary cables would require the speaker to be set up in one spot. One of the biggest benefits that wireless speakers have is the fact that these devices are extremely portable, you can put one inside of your bag and take it with you to the beach, where you lie down and have it blast your favorite music to you via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Smaller wireless speakers tend to be less powerful since they are powered by batteries, but you can also get larger ones that are louder but lack in portability.

Their price range is pretty diverse; the best rated wireless speakers can easily cost you quite a lot, but there are plenty of affordable yet satisfactory options available as well, a lot of companies in the market are manufacturing wireless speakers, which means that customers have a lot of options to choose from. There are a few things that need to be considered when you buy a wireless speaker; you should make sure that you spend your money on one that suits you the most. The first thing to look at is whether you need portability or not, a portable speaker lacks power but can be taken with you wherever you go, if you want wireless speakers for your home, then you can go for an entire speaker system. The best rated wireless speaker system for home use is made by Bose, providing you with superb surround sound and rich bass but at a higher cost. Entire speaker systems are bound to be more expensive, fortunately, they aren’t the only option available for your home, you can simply get a larger speaker and place it in your lounge and connect your devices with it whenever you want.

best wireless speakers 2017

The other major thing that you should consider is whether you want Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Airplay, each wireless connection technology has its ups and downs. If you’re looking for wireless speakers for home use, then you should probably go for one with Wi-Fi connection since the signal is harder to interrupt and has a longer range, the best Wi-Fi speakers for home would be ones that have a strong signal receiver to ensure that signals come and go easily. If you want a portable speaker then consider getting one that uses Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi, since Bluetooth consumes less energy, the only downside is that Bluetooth signals are easily interrupted. Some of the best Bluetooth speakers of 2017 have been mentioned in this article, so make sure to check them out. You could even go for speakers that support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection at the same time, but these cost more and are more power hungry as well. The third option that you get is AirPlay, this wireless technology is exclusively reserved for Apple products since Apple doesn’t use Bluetooth, AirPlay can let you sync your entire Apple device with your speaker, but it consumes more power, has a noticeable lag and is more pricey. You should only get an AirPlay wireless speaker if you have some Apple products lying around.

The best option in terms of signals is to go for Wi-Fi since it has a wider range, is harder to interrupt and doesn’t connect to only one device at a time. Now before we continue, here’s a list of the top 10 wireless speakers that we think are the best.

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