Best Portable Wireless Speakers Under 50 Dollars

In today’s era the major goal behind the invention of every piece of technology is to make it smaller, laptops, phones, vacuum cleaners, you name it, if it’s popular and practical; someone’s going to make a mini version of it. Speakers have gotten the shrinking treatment as well, we’re going to tell you about the best portable wireless speakers under 50 dollars that have superb sound quality and have plenty of power considering their size. Speakers have been getting the shrinking treatment for quite some time now; many renowned speaker manufacturers have produced a variety of powerful speakers with superb sound quality that you can easily fit inside your backpack.

Wireless speakers use batteries to power themselves, some also have the option to be plugged into the wall, larger ones which require more power often perform better when they are plugged in. When we say wireless, we aren’t just talking about the lack of a power cable, wireless speakers are truly wireless, they connect with devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Apple’s own wireless connection. By eliminating wires and making speakers smaller, these devices become a lot handier, making them great for people who enjoy music but move around a lot, or like to draw attention at college parties and such.

There are a few drawbacks in going for a portable speaker, you’ll be limited by battery time and don’t expect exceptional bass or anything, some of these things can even cost a lot, but here we’re going to talk some of the best speakers under 50 dollars.

Best Portable Wireless Speakers Under 50 Dollars:

BLKBOX POP360 Hands Free Bluetooth Speaker

best portable wireless speakers under 50
There aren’t many wireless speakers out in the market that you can easily fit inside of you jacket pocket that provide you with good sound quality, the BLKBOX POP360 Hands Free Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for people who want portability and decent sound quality without having to spend way too much money. Its simplistic looking body packs a pretty good speaker in it; also, the device has multiple ways to connect with your other devices, meaning you won’t have to worry about connection issues.

The BLKBOX POP360 Hands Free Bluetooth Speaker has a compact body with a minimalistic look to it, the speaker’s innovative design has the speaker on the top of the device, the bottom has three rubber feet that provide the speaker with superior grip on most surfaces and also stop the speaker from vibrating in place. The rest of the body has a neat and clean look to it that really amplifies the speaker’s aesthetics, and another great thing about the BLKBOX POP360 is that it doesn’t require you to download any apps to configure your devices, simply connect and play.

This wireless speaker has a Bluetooth connection that allows you to connect with any device, android, Apple or your desktop computer, it’s a great device for anyone who is looking for ease of use and isn’t too fussy about sound quality. Don’t expect the BLKBOX POP360 Hands Free Bluetooth Speaker to have good bass since its small but other than that, it’s a great option for an inexpensive wireless portable speaker.

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

best cheap bluetooth speakers under 50 with good bass
is a well-known company in the mobile accessory market, they are known for producing all kinds of high quality accessories such as power banks that are practical and always come in handy. The Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker is yet another reliable device that has captivated many users and provides people with a great combination of portability, superb sound clarity and power. This speaker is a little larger than our previous entry, but it still fits nicely in your backpack or even the pocket of your jeans, it also looks a great as it sounds.

The Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker combines a variety of Anker’s signature technologies under its sleek and stylish body; the front has a grilled mesh under which its powerful speaker is situated. Dual high performance drivers and a unique spiral bass port provides you with a rich stereo sound with great bass, the speaker also has less than 1% harmonic distortion, which means that it delivers almost crystal clear sound. On the top of the SoundCore are its control buttons and on the right side you have a charging port and the option to connect your device via jack.

The SoundCore’s Bluetooth 4.0 gives it a connection range of 66 feet and makes it compatible with all Bluetooth devices. You also get a whopping playtime of 24 hours thanks to Anker’s superior power management system. The Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker is probably the best cheap Bluetooth speaker under 50 dollars with good bass and an even better battery time.


Whenever people hear the words portable and speakers together, they automatically assume that these things aren’t going to have a lot of power and aren’t really that practical, and even if they do provide good power they’ll cost a lot and aren’t worth it. The two speakers that we just talked about clearly show that these assumptions aren’t true, you can get great sound quality and plenty of power for a pretty decent price, in fact these speakers only cost a little more than a pair of decent ear phones and provide you with a lot more sound, if you look at it this way then wireless portable speakers have a lot of value.

In fact, if you expand your budget you can even go for speakers that act as power banks too! These devices come in a lot of flavors, the Anker SoundCore has a built-in mic that allows you to use the speaker as a speaker phone as well, making it an even better option at this price range, but if you want true portability then the POP360 is for you. When it comes to portable speakers, expensive isn’t always betters, Take your time to figure out what you want from a wireless speaker and then decide on which one to go for.

The market is teeming with all kind of wireless speakers, if the ones that we’ve mentioned here aren’t to your liking then all you need to do is look around a bit more, there’s plenty of other wireless portable speakers out there that are under 50 dollars.

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