Our Guide to The Best Wireless Home Theater Speakers 2017

Technology is advancing in almost every direction, you take one step anywhere and you’ll come across some new invention or a discovery. Science has and always aims for the betterment of humanity and how to make living easier, be it in the field of technology, medicine or even art. In today’s era, one simply couldn’t imagine living without the help of tech, and how people use tech to make their homes more comfortable and homier. One piece of technology in specific is the best wireless home theater speakers 2017. Ever wondered what it would feel like to bring the cinema to you? Well this is it, this is how you give your house the same dynamics of a theater and create a similar atmosphere without actually leaving the house.

When it comes to something like speakers for home theater, it may seem like an easy decision but only after a little research do you realize the big pool of products you have to choose from. For example, what kind of speakers will they be? 5.1 surround system or 7.1? What’s even the difference between the two? What are the best 7.1 home theater speakers? Well this article is here to answer all those queries and anything else along those lines, because nothing makes decision making easier than a well thought out review of two reliable products. Hopefully at the end of it, you’ll have come to a decision of which home theater speakers would go perfect with your room!

Our List of The Best Wireless Home Theater Speakers 2017

Yamaha NS-SP1800BL

best speakers for home theater
The second product on our list is the Yamaha surround system speakers, absolute beasts when it comes to making noise and turning up the bass. The Yamaha speakers are more about dotting it to the last I and crossing all the T’s, because if anything, they pay attention to the details. For instance, the Yamaha NS-SP1800BL come with 2 way satellite speakers with 2.5 inches of woofers, and similarly, the 2 way center speaker comes with a dual 2.5 inch woofer, so you can imagine the bass it would produce. To make sure that the woofers can handle max output, they’re covered with magnetic shielding giving them that extra casing protection. Weighing at about 40 pounds in total, it would cover your room completely and provide the best home theater experience there is. It also comes with an 8 inch 100W high powered subwoofer, completely compatible with wall hanging that can be placed just about anywhere to give that maximum sound effect. It’s safe to say at this point that the Yamaha can withstand high volumes without distortion and causing damage to the woofers. The thing about speakers is that after prolonged use at high volumes, the woofers start to give away. But the Yamaha speakers were built to make sure that they could withstand anything.

The maximum output you could get out of these home surround speakers is about 100W, which is a lot given for its size and shape. But that’s what the ultra-woofers and subwoofers are for. The drivers of the speakers provide a range of 28Hz – 50 KHz of frequency response.

Logitech Z506

best wireless home theater speakers 2017
The first product on the list is the Logitech Z506, one of the best there is on the market. The specs alone would swoon a consumer into buying them off the first shelf but there is so much more to them behind those sleek black designed encasings. Starting off with those monstrous subwoofers, built to take it hard and dish out distortion-less sound that would echo through your entire house. These woofers amplify bass to make sure it reaches every corner of the room, all crystal clear and without hindrance of any sorts.

Now coming to the main difference between 5.1 and 7.1; a 5.1 surround system uses 6 channels and a 7.1 surround system uses 8 channels, these two extra channels provide a better audio. Logitech without a doubt provides the best 5.1 surround system, making it almost unrealistically surreal. Along with more features, it also has multiple inputs so you can basically connect to just about everything from consoles to PC and even TV screens; watching movies and playing video games just got a whole lot better! At almost 12 pounds, they’re easy, simple and monstrous, especially for gamers and movie fanatics out there who just can’t help taking it a step further and making sure you experience each decibel with utmost clarity.

Coming down to the nooks and crannies, or in this case the dials and buttons, every setting on the speaker is easily adjustable and makes it quite user friendly. You can adjust the bass for example using a dial, and control how loud you want it, best part being that no matter how loud it goes, it will be crystal clear. With an output of almost 75W, what more could you ask for?


Well there you have it, the two best home theater speakers on the market. At the end of the day, the decision depends on what you’re looking for, the job was to lay out the specifications as simply as possible to aid in your decision. Bottom line is, these are the best home theater speakers for the money. When all you want is a room turned into a theater with massive powerful woofers that could very well rattle your windows, then this is it.

Choosing between the Logitech Speakers and the Yamaha Speakers isn’t easy since both provide magnificent output but keeping in mind the budget and the needs, it’s the safest bet. The market for home theater systems is saturated and it’s near on impossible to come across anything genuine that would even remotely make your house feel like a theater, but it must come as a relief when you can easily decide between the top two products in the market and see for yourself what all the noise is about!

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