Your Guide to The Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers For iPhone

Over the past couple of years, wireless speakers, especially those that are built with outdoor activities in mind have become very, very popular. Specifically, when it comes to people who like to take their music with them whenever they go out. After all, who wouldn’t want to carry the fairly powerful best outdoor wireless speakers for iPhone in their backpacks. Gone are the days when wireless speakers were known to have all sorts of issues such as latency problem, as well as problems like tiny sound signature, as well as a very weaker battery. However, things have changed a lot, and the wireless speakers have gone completely mainstream with companies like JBL, Logitech, and several other high profiles companies coming out and bringing in their best.

Finding the best wireless outdoor speakers isn’t as hard as it used to be considering how the quality has improved a lot, but at the same time, it has become really difficult for the first timers and the beginners because the market happens to be quite saturated. There are thousands of outdoor Bluetooth speakers available in the market, finding the one that fits your choice, and budget can be a bit difficult. However, in order to help our readers, we have come up with a list that contains some of the best portable wireless speakers that you can buy currently. These speakers give you amazing sound quality, quality construction, and on top of that, the ability to carry them around.

#1 JBL Flip 3: The King of Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers For iPhone

best outdoor wireless speakers for iphone
Pretty much everyone who ever wanted to invest into a wireless speaker has heard of the famous brand known as JBL, and for those who don’t know, JBL happens to be one of the best brands when it comes to top of the line audio products, they are most notable for their splash proof wireless headphones that are particularly popular among the iPhone users. Today, we are looking at JBL Flip 3; for those who don’t know, the Flip 3 happens to be one of the best speakers for music out in the market, and there are several reasons behind that, for starters, the speaker has the best compatibility with almost every single device out there in the market, it can pair up with up to 3 devices at a time, making it highly flexible, and easy to use.

The speaker happens to be super portable when it comes to the requirement of carrying it around, comes in various different colors, has an impressive playback of 10 hours, you can use it vertically, or you can use it horizontally, and the speaker happens to be very, very loud for the size you are getting. There isn’t really too much of negativity going around here, however, the exclusion of Wi-Fi stops it from becoming one of the best Wi-Fi speakers. Still, that doesn’t mean that the JBL Flip 3 isn’t an amazing wireless speaker, as a matter of fact, it’s brilliant.

#2 Pyle Sound Box Splash

best outdoor bluetooth speakers
The next wireless speaker on our list is the Pyle Sound Box Splash, the one thing that you can deduce when looking at this headphone is just how odd it looks. Seriously, it’s almost as if the speaker belongs on the set of some action movie that has a lot of explosions going on for it. With that said, don’t let the looks of the Pyle Sound Box fool you, the speaker may look out of place, but it happens to be one of the most powerful wireless speakers when it comes to delivering unprecedented audio. The only sad thing about it is that the speaker doesn’t have support for Apple’s Airplay; otherwise, nothing would have stopped it from climbing the ranks and becoming one of the best airplay speakers out in the market.

If you are wondering what it does have, you get a lot of features such as top of the line splash proof design, perfect weight distribution, amazing sound quality, and clarity even at higher volumes, and a variety of colors to choose from. In short, the Pyle Sound Box Splash happens to be one of the best wireless speakers available in the market, and it doesn’t really matter the type of device you want to use it with as the support is far and wide, and the speaker will work on pretty much any device. You name it, and the connectivity will get to work. Simple as that.


So, that’s about it, you asked for the best wireless speakers, and we have delivered it. You should know that wireless speakers are no longer how they used to be in the older days, they have actually become really good, and considering how you have so many connectivity options, most people are actually being actually gearing towards the wireless speakers. With that said, you should also know that the wireless speakers can also be used with a supplied wire or any connector as long as they don’t use proprietary connectors. So, even if you are low on battery and still want some good amount of audio output. At the same time, you should also know that wireless speakers no longer just die in a couple of hours, especially the big ones because they can easily go up to a maximum of 12 hours on full charge, and some even more.

So there you have it, folks. The two of the finest wireless speakers rounded up, and reviewed for you. For those who are wondering, the purpose of this is rather simple, we are reviewing these products so we can provide some insight about what wireless speaker to choose without breaking your bank, and spending a lot of money. Both speakers that we mentioned are budget friendly, and on top of that, they have gathered some pretty amazing reviews from the critics and users alike. Here is to hoping that the list serves you well, and you find the speakers worthy.

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